To-go meal service to the community at Oakdale Elementary School will be discontinued after Friday April 16. The closest location to pick up to-go meals on Wednesdays and Fridays from 11am-1pm after April 16 is Spring Ridge Elementary School. We will continue to offer breakfast, lunch and supper at OES to students who attend school for cohort A or B on Mondays, Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays for the remainder of the school year.

All FCPS schools will serve breakfast, lunch and supper (to-go) for FREE to all children learning in school buildings on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. All meals will be individually wrapped or compartmentalized. On days when students are learning in a school building, the can also take to-go meals home for supper that same day and all breakfast, lunch and supper for days when they will be learning virtually. 

23 FCPS schools listed below will distribute to-go breakfast, lunch and supper meals for FREE from 11am-1pm on Wednesdays and Fridays to ALL children in the community on days when they are not physically in a school learning.

2 community drop-off sites will distribute to-go breakfast, lunch and supper meals for all 7 days of the week for FREE from 11am-1pm ON WEDNESDAYS ONLY. Meals will be distributed in the shopping center parking lots from a school bus. The locations are listed below as "Community Drop-Off Sites"

Children do not need to be present to pick up meals on Wednesdays and Fridays. A parent or other adult can pick these meals up for them. Meals will be distributed for all 7 days of the week. 

Open Community Meal Sites (Wednesdays & Fridays from 11am-1pm)

Elementary Schools

  • Ballenger Creek Elementary School
  • Brunswick Elementary School
  • Butterfly Ridge Elementary School
  • Centerville Elementary School
  • Deer Crossing Elementary School
  • Emmitsburg Elementary School
  • Hillcrest Elementary School
  • Liberty Elementary School
  • Lincoln Elementary School
  • Monocacy Elementary School
  • Myersville Elementary School
  • New Market Elementary School
  • Oakdale Elementary School (OES discontinued after Friday April 16)
  • Spring Ridge Elementary School
  • Sugarloaf Elementary School
  • Twin Ridge Elementary School
  • Waverley Elementary School
  • Whittier Elementary School

Middle Schools

  • Thurmont Middle School
  • Windsor Knolls Middle School

High Schools

  • Gov. Thomas Johnson High School
  • Middletown High School
  • Walkersville High School

Community Drop-Off Sites (WEDNESDAYS ONLY from 11am-1pm)

  • 7th Street Frederick Shopping Center Parking Lot, 1305 West 7th Street, Frederick
  • Discovery Shopping Center Parking Lot, 8425 Woodsboro Pike, Walkersville